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More songs. for you.

everyones who has been gracious enough to pick up our new LP “ANGRY BEAR” has been very kind in their response. in turn, we put up A BUNCH of new songs off the LP on our MYSPACE and PUREVOLUME pages. lovez.


Angry Bear Vinyl and Rarities!

The vinyl version of our new LP “Angry Bear” is now available! We also have for the first time (and very limited, as in these are it) the original version of “A Demonstration of Intellectual Property,” among other goodies. dare you.

Vincent Price thanks you

¬† “thank you to all you cool motherfuckers that came to the mellowdrone show. s’good to be back.” -V.P.


¬†Angry Bear got into my good scotch last night and ended up with insomnia. So he posted a new song on our Myspace Player. its called Elephant. love you. p.s. roll down to our show next week to pick up advance copies of “Angry Bear“


Where Ever You May Go

we’ve posted a new song on our myspace. hope you dig it it


hey sexy. who me? just updatin. yup. juuuust updatin the site. you know, me & the site. we’ve got some new shows coming. and we will be selling our new LP “ANGRY BEAR” at said shows. before its available online. i am very proud of this record. who me? yeah……. just a proud lil pancake. […]

doing stuff sugar australia jake skynet’s coming

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